Hunter Reports

Bighorn Sheep ram on backpack after hunting in Alberta, CanadaBighorn Sheep on hillside after hunting in Alberta, CanadaTrophy Bighorn Sheep on hillside after hunting in Alberta, CanadaBighorn ram on horseback after hunting in AlbertaBighorn Sheep ram skull in Alberta hunting campHunting bighorn sheep on horseback in Alberta, CanadaMark in Alberta Valley with mountain landscape while hunting Bighorn Sheep in Canada

Mark – Bighorn Sheep Hunt – Alberta

Keith and Jack: I was 17 days on foot in Alberta in 2012, 14 days on horseback in BC last year and back to a different part of Alberta this year (between Banff and Jasper National Parks) and on the 10th day . . .! In 41 days of difficult hunting, this was the first legal ram I saw and he was 4.5 miles away . . .! We saw grizzly bears (including a pair of bad bear 3.5 ye...    Read more »

Koryak Snow Sheep Horns in RussiaKoryak Snow Sheep Horns in RussiaKoryak Snow Sheep Horns in RussiaKoryak Snow Sheep Horns in RussiaKoryak Sheep Hunting Rainbow Scenery in Russia

Gary – Koryak Snow Sheep in Russia

Hey Jack & Ansten Jack, Thanks so  much for the pics from Ansten Ostbye. How can I put this into words....Despite the bad weather and my rifle shooting too high (causing me to miss 2 rams) it was one of the best hunts I have ever had. Very tough, but Ansten, Stoss and Demetrie all hung in with me and I took a very nice ram on the last day. I could not say enough go...    Read more »

bighorn sheep hunting montana winter range rambighorn sheep hunting montana gray rambighorn sheep hunting montana climb downbighorn sheep montana hunting bivybighorn sheep hunting montana jack ram

Gray – Giant Bighorn Sheep – Montana

The trio of Jack, Kevin and Gray got it done in the a Montana Unlimited area finding the "needle in the haystack" - the ram Jack and I photographed, and MT FW&P Sheep Biologist Shawn Stewart had been photographing (attached live photo) on New Year's Day 2014 on winter range. I named him "my ram" then, but he is now "OUR RAM". We found him on day four of season and ...    Read more »

Trophy Mountain Goat Hunt in AlaskaTrophy Mountain Goat Hunt in Alaska

Nathan – Mountain Goat Hunt – Alaska

Jack, Greetings from Utah!  I trust you and Cindy are doing well and that hunting season is providing you with an adventure or two.  You always help me set up wonderful trips and I hope you are occasionally having the opportunity to go on one yourself. This past week I was back in Alaska with Kelly and Linda.  As always, the goat hunting was fantastic and I was ab...    Read more »

Cape Buffalo Hunting on Safari in Mozambique AfricaCape Buffalo Hunting on Safari in Mozambique AfricaSable Hunting on Safari in Mozambique AfricaReedbuck Hunting on Safari in Mozambique AfricaNyala Hunting on Safari in Mozambique Africa

Thrilling Mozambique Buffalo Hunt

(Note to self: rip-stop battle dress trousers and Vietnam War era jungle boots. More about that in a bit.) Jack, I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you and the team for again putting together a fabulous hunting experience.  Having hunted buffalo in the Caprivi (another great effort on your part), I wanted to give my son an opportunity to share that classic ...    Read more »

Marc Martel – Black Bear – Canada

Very well versed in hunting bears. Very good accommodation. Good quality bears. Nice guy....    Read more »

Robert Clancy – Leopard – Africa

I will send photos when I get them from my PH Mitch Riley. Mitch was an excellent and very positive and upbeat PH. He knows how to hunt leopards and we were successful on the 13th day of the 14 day safari. I was going to book a leopard hunt using dogs until you offered this all or nothing hunt. I'm very glad I accepted the offer. You did a great job for me. Thanks. - Ro...    Read more »

Joe Anderson – Brown Bear

"Well organized, efficient outfit, VERY knowledgeable guides, tirelessly worked to get another member of my party a bear up until the last moments of the hunt - he offered to call it quits early but the outfitter and guide wouldn't let him and he was successful with about 15minutes of shooting light left on the last night, comfortable quarters, felt like I could call all t...    Read more »

William Nakaki – Shiras Moose – Canada

I had trouble doing your questionaire so I'll just write you a report. I hunted with Wilf Boardman in Cranbrook BC for moose and mule deer. The hunting was excellent. We saw 10 moose in the first 3 days and 5 were bulls. We couldn't get a good shot at the biggest bull the first day as he was too far away. We then saw another good moose the second morning but never had a cl...    Read more »

Brian McMahon – Bighorn Sheep – Canada

Keith, Wanted to thank you for an awesome muzzleloader Big Horn Sheep hunt with Chungo Creek Outfitters. Was really a 1st class operation and I would recommend them to anyone. I was in the bush for eight days and we counted 217 sheep on the 6 days that weather permitted us to hunt. Some of the 217 sheep were more than likely duplicates, so I would estimate that we saw 9...    Read more »