Good Will Plan

Not every hunt ends in a success, but with our Good Will plan, “the luck of the hunt” is an endangered species! If, during your next hunt, you fail to get a chance at legal game, you’ll get up to $3,000 off a future hunt by being enrolled.

After you complete a hunt of normal duration and cost, hunt every day possible, yet do not kill, wound, miss, or pass up at least one legal species you are licensed for (in other words, you had no chance at anything), you get  a non-transferable discount on almost any future hunt that you book with us.

One third of the original hunt cost is credited to your account and is applied as a 10% discount to future hunts, until the credited amount is reached.

A $9,000 hunt would get a $3,000 in credit. If you then booked another $9,000 hunt and wanted to use your discount, we would give you a 10% (or $900) discount. You would still have credit for another hunt, or until the original $3,000 discount was reached.

The Good Will Plan is meant to help those who hunted hard and had no opportunity at game; it is not an insurance plan. It is a free fringe benefit for those who book their hunts with us. Do not book a hunt just because of the Good Will Plan or its benefits. The rules of the plan are rigid. The plan may be canceled at any time, without notice. Dealing in good faith by all parties is paramount. The plan is void if not legal in any state or country.


The plan can be canceled right up until the hunt begins. The plan cannot be purchased after the hunt begins or if you book directly with an outfitter. The Good Will Discount is not a down payment; the discount is to be applied to the final payment on future hunts. The plan may not be available on certain hunts and is void if the client cannot or refuses to actively participate daily or gives up earlier than the original hunt or number of days booked. Do not book or rebook directly with any outfitter, or the plan is void! Send all deposits to Jack Atcheson & Sons, Inc., only – even on rebookings.

Each hunter who believes he qualifies must document his/her hunt and request the discount in writing within 30 days after the hunt. The discounts are not transferable and apply only to the named people who were full paying hunting clients and who fully participated in and completed the period and hunt/tour/species originally booked. The discount is valid any time arrangements are agreeable with all participating persons. Benefits from the Good Will Plan are not applicable and fees are not refunded if the outfitter or guide offers any refunds, adjustments, credits, discounts, or courtesies.

The plan does not apply for Acts of God, war, terrorism, Government cancellation of hunting areas, permits, license, failure to obtain or apply for licenses, permits or areas, fear, confusion, anticipation of any of the above, or if the hunt is canceled. If you make a claim and we cannot honor the Good Will Plan because of a gray area, your plan fee is refunded without obligation to anyone. Insurance companies provide cancellation insurance, but it is usually much more expensive.