About Us

Jack Atcheson and Sons – A Tradition for Seeking Exceptional Outfitters

Jack Atcheson Sr. has always had a passion for hunting. In 1955, he saw a real need to connect hunters with companies that offered quality hunts worldwide. With that niche in mind, he founded Jack Atcheson and Sons, Inc.  Atcheson’s has since organized over 30,000 hunting trips. Now that’s real expertise!

Atcheson’s cultivated the idea of a comprehensive consulting service that would be specifically oriented to hunting and fishing adventures. In the mid 1970’s, the torch was passed to two of his sons, Jack Jr. and Keith, who grew up in the business since its inception. The family tradition goes on.

Jack Atcheson Jr. and Keith Atcheson have long been at the helm of the Atcheson enterprise. They travel every year to hunting camps all over the world, especially Africa, watchful only for excellent hunting opportunities. We make sure your African hunting experience will be the Safari of a lifetime!  Jack and Keith personally handle your safari planning, and we have no outside sales people. Jack Atcheson & Sons Inc. is a multigenerational company with more experience in hunting safari planning than any other hunting consultant firm, period!

Jack Jr. is the former Chairman of the Wild Sheep Foundation. He was a very successful Montana outfitter and guide for Bighorn sheep and other game for many years, having taken 17 species of Wild Sheep. He has hunted Africa since 1970.

Keith Atcheson is still outfitting and guiding hunters in Montana. Over the last 30 years, he has fielded well over 1000 clients. Keith has taken 4 of the “Big 5” in Africa, most general plains game, and will soon complete the “North American 29.”

Both Jack and Keith have hunted on six continents. Hunting is a way of life for all the Atcheson’s. Explore the site or call us today, we invite you to join the thousands who have already explored Africa with Jack Atcheson and Sons!