Travel Insurance

Several forms of travel insurance protection are available for the trips that we arrange.  For most hunts and vacations, travelers will never need travel insurance. The reality is that accidents do happen, family members get sick or injured, etc., and there is no way to predict those occurrences.  In particular, if you are the one that needs it, you will be very happy that you purchased insurance for your trip. Please find more info here on these companies:

Nicole AtchesonAs an example, consider Nicole Atcheson’s major accident with a cape buffalo in Zimbabwe in 2004.  Nicole was so badly injured by a wounded buffalo that she had to be medevac’d from the remote bush in Zimbabwe to Johannesburg, South Africa for immediate medical attention.  After five surgeries and a month of recovery, she was able to fly home with her husband Keith. The bill was over $50,000.  Her Primary insurance carrier covered 90% of the bills. That left her with $5,000 that she had to pay out of pocket. The travel insurance that she had purchased before her trip, covered the amount she was charged. By American standards of medical care, this would be very cheap.