Affordable Colorado Elk and Mule Deer Hunts!

Looking for an excellent value on your next Elk, Mule deer, or Black bear hunt? Check out one of Atcheson’s preferred Colorado outfitters, recently expanded to over 60,000 huntable acres!

6 point trophy bull elk taken by hunter in Colorado

Whale Tails!

Trophy Colorado Mule deer taken by young hunter

A young hunter with his heavy trophy Colorado Mule deer

mule deer, bull elk, and cow elk hunting area in colorado

The hunting grounds

Hunter capacity is being doubled (to 48 available hunts) for the 2016 season on fully guided hunts for Elk, Mule Deer and Black Bear on over 20,000 acres of private land and over 40,000 acres on BLM permitted leased land in GMU’s 11, 22, and 23. Most of the BLM land is landlocked by our private land. The private land in Unit 23 is a working ranch and has sage brush, rolling hills, hay fields, canyons, and flowing creeks. The property is surrounded by private land on all three sides.

Great care has been taken in managing the Mule deer on this ranch, producing some of the best buck deer in the area. Our clients usually enjoy 100% shot opportunities and 100% harvest on mature bucks. Bucks average 24″ with a few going over 30″. We don’t shoot anything under 3 points and only allow 8 deer hunters per year in Unit 23. Animals usually score 150-170 for deer and 260 and up for elk.

The outfitter also offers great cow elk hunts for $2,000 for three days fully guided with meals and accommodations for October and November hunts. However, a permit must be applied for by April 1st  2016, but the draw odds have been near 100% success. After the April 1st date, hunts may still be available if licenses still exist, so its best to apply ahead of time.

Hunters with trophy Colorado Bull Elk skulls

Nice bull elk with their skulls all cleaned up

• Archery Season Elk: $3,800 (4-5 days, Aug 27 – Sept 30, Units 11 & 22, OTC tag)
• Archery Season Mule Deer: $3,500 (4-5 days, Aug 27 – Sept 30, Units 11, 22, 23, drawing)
• Rifle Black Bear: $2,000 (4-5 days, Sept 2 – Sept 30, Unit 11, drawing)
• 1st Rifle Season Elk: $4,500 (5 days, Oct 15 – Oct 19, Units 11 or 22, drawing)
• 2nd Rifle Season Elk: $4,500 (5 days, Oct 22 – Oct 30, Units 11 & 22, OTC tag)
• 2nd Rifle Season Mule Deer: $4,950 (4 days, Oct 22 – Oct 25, 140-170 class bucks, Private land in Unit 23, Landowner vouchers available if tag isn’t drawn)
• 3rd Rifle Season Elk: $4,500 (5 days, Nov 5 – Nov 9, Units 11 & 22, OTC tag)
• 3rd Rifle Season Mule Deer: $5,800 (Landowner voucher included, 4 days, Nov 5 – Nov 8 and Nov 10 – Nov 13, 140-170 class bucks, Private land in Unit 22)
• 3rd Rifle Season Mule Deer: $4,950 (Drawing only, 4 days, Nov 5 – Nov 8 and Nov 10 – Nov 13, 140-170 class bucks, Private land in Unit 23)
• 4th Rifle Season Elk: $4,500 (5 days, Nov 16 – Nov 20, Unit 11, drawing)
• Mule Deer and Elk Rifle Combo Hunts: $7,500 (7 days, Unit 11, 22, 23)
• Late Season Cow Elk Hunt: $2,000 for 3 days of guided hunting, must draw tag. April 1st deadline to book and apply, includes meals and lodging. Hunt in October and November. If booked after April 1st, we can see if there is any tags left over in August when the left over tags go on sale.

Symetrical trophy Colorado Mule deer posed under blue sky

A nice Mule Deer with great symmetry

Bull elk and Mule deer licenses are not difficult to obtain by booking now. Contact us for current openings on these hunts.